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Behold the Macbook Air

Review One Week In

I have had the Air for a little less than a week. To sum it up in one quick statement, The best computer I have ever used. Now for a longer explanation. I bought the lowest end 13.3” Macbook Air. I debated over a 256gb i7 version but wanted to limit myself some. Sounds odd, but I wanted to limit myself somewhat.

I had been drooling over an Air for a year now but couldn’t pull the trigger with a Core 2 Duo, that all changed when the Sandy Bridge came out. But your not here to listen to my wants for buying something.

Buy it, it’s fast. Feels faster than my iMac 27” at least in normal use. Applications open with a flick of the keys and the computer is light and makes an excellent road warrior. Would I use it to rip videos, no, the iMac handles that much better, if I needed to I would have no problem in using it to do so.

Is 128gb useful? After installing all the basic software, iWork, emacs, Xcode, textmate, text expander and a few other items I have almost 80gb left which should be enough.