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I love keyboards. I have to many right now and am thinking of buying a KBC Poker at some point. Even though I really don’t need another one, but the thought of the minimalist layout and the fact at home I have a large BlackWidow which is a large keyboard, at least compared to the Filco Tenkeyless I use at work. The Filco is brown cherry switches which make a more hollow sound, whereas the BlackWidow is blues and has a very clicky noise. I am not sure which I like better, I like the Filco overall better than the black widow, but the build quality on it is better.

Let us meet the keyboards

Note: All credit given to respective sites

Here is the KBC Poker – I want this, I will probably buy one and then unload it if I don’t want it.

KBC Poker

Now for my current favorite and champion, the Filco Tenkeyless

Filco TenkeyLess

Then the indestructible unicomp, this thing will outlast the others combined.


Finally my at home daily driver, the BlackWidow


Why I switched from membrane dome?

99.99% of all home computers have a membrane keyboard, these are cheap keyboards that use a pcb and when the rubber membrane makes contact it closes a tiny gap. At one point I used a scissor switch keyboard but one of the keys went bad and I tried to fix it and it never felt right after that.

So then I found a website, GeekHack and became hooked, within a month I had almost $300 worth of keyboards. Plus on top of that I had an accumulation of Apple keyboards I have collected over the years. I found that I disliked membrane pads, because they did’t feel as smooth, I like the thud/click has my hands fly over the keyboard in emacs, it is something magical.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Whereas mechanicals use a variety of methods, the two most common are cherry switches and buckling springs. I have a Unicomp that I used for several years but I like the lighter touch of the cherry springs. A great little overview is on

A mechanical keyboard will last longer than any mass produced membrane keyboard, it will allow most people to type quicker, and generally has better quality. That being said it is not for everyone, some people enjoy membranes and almost every membrane is quieter than a mechanical. Also most mechanicals do not come with media features, wireless and other options that might be a necessity.


Find a mechanical keyboard and give it a try, see what you think. You may be surprised. I plan on writing individual reviews as time goes on. I particularly like using the unicomp on the iPad, don’t ask me why, I think it is the absurdity of it all.

Also you can find all you need to know at geekhack