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Chrome CR48

The Beginning

Once upon a time when the world was young and the first batch of Cr48s were sent out and the tracker was alive I noticed one being sent to my small town. I watched that singular package has it made it’s way from parts unknown to my town and then eagerly came up with an excuse to stay home from work for a few hours hoping it would land on my doorstep. At one point I noticed it had been delivered but alas not to my doorstep. I became despondent and wrote it off forever lamenting I would not be the alpha geek and have the first beta of the chrome os. Twas a terrible time that is only dimly recorded.

Fast forward a week and my roommate told me I had a package at the house. Not remembering any last minute Christmas gift when I opened it I saw the unique packaging and knew that good times were a coming. A quick login of the my google account a few minutes to update and boom I was browsing the web in a chrome window. In a nutshell that is what this is and right now all that is offered, Chrome browser with an attached keyboard.

More Later