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Using Tumblr as My Main Site

Been using tumblr as my springboard for the moment. The ease of choosing themes and just getting things to work is pretty nice. Though whenever tumblr went down that did sort of suck. So far it is a service I would pay for, right now my files are hosted on dreamhost for just general usage and ftp dumping ground. I am not a CSS or html oriented person so this seems to fit my usage perfectly.

I can use dreamhost to dump all my files and things I don’t want to keep on tumblr. At some point I may make a little python crawler to crawl my tumblr posts and put them on PPOG so that if tumblr goes down I can always show the posts along with my resume and a handful of other little tidbits. I can only hope at some point some really nice OSX editors pop up but for now a mixture of Mars Edit and the web will have to work. I tried a few of the AIR clients but none of them caught my eye or seemed to offer much.