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An Ode to My Unicomp

I have had my Unicomp for a few years now. So this is just a short review and description of the keyboard. A few years ago my normal keyboard broke and I figured I would go all out with a Model M style after reading about how people loved them, plus vague memories as a child in typing classes which had the click clack of dozens of Model Ms going on at one time.

Researched a bit and Unicomp bought the rights to the design and even better just 45 minutes away in Lexington. Ponying up the money I bought one and in a day or so I had one of these beasts in my hand.

You can notice the excellent Lamy 2000 fountain pen sitting on the keyboard. This keyboard is not meant for someone on the move. The thing is heavy and solid, brick like. Each time you type a key you get a very satisfying click clack and the space bar feels like a joy to use after using the membrane keyboards. The spaces between the keys look and feel like cliffs because of how deep the keys are. If you pop each key up you will find a spring there, hence the name of buckling spring keyboard.

This thing is a joy to type on and on my huge iMac it feels just right. Sadly, I do not have one at work, the noise alone would kill my coworkers even an office down. I have a Filco Brown Cherry keyboard I hope to use for the office to replace my acceptable but still not great Apple Keyboard.

Its loud, heavy, but is intensely satisfying and will last forever. Buy one! Also you can find lots of information at geekhack.